Who we are

Borgo Fianco a Fianco

The Borgo Rental Fianco a Fianco is our dream, for 30 years we are now visiting Puglia every year. We have been amazed by the old and dignified olive trees of this region. The red soil, the fantastic kitchen, the bright light, the beautiful beaches, the white cities, the heartily welcome of the people from Puglia. This experience is what we like to share for Luxury Italy Holidays.

Puglia, living with Nature´╗┐

For many seasons we are spending every free minute in Puglia. Therefore we are taking care of our property with hundreds of Olive trees, a plenty of Almonds and Fig trees. In expansion, we are renovating the buildings and expanding our horizon. Our dream has been growing. We dreamt of spending more quality time in this wonderful environment. In consequence, we had been scouting for another piece of land which would allow us to create a project which would help us to realize our dream. In other words, having more leisure and time for creativity.

Luxury Italy Holidays, our shared project

In January 2016 we have been acquiring another wonderful property within the golden triangle of Puglia, our charming Borgo in Fasano. It is only a few hundred meters away from our first building. Now we have in addition 2 ha of olives and almonds, which we can take care of and run a biological farm. Please see as well images.

Ilona and Jurgen