Puglia and the Golden Triangle

We have called it so not only for what it represents today, that is a flagship of quality tourism in Puglia, but for what has always been: a witness to the most interesting expressions of the various civilizations here over the centuries. Caves, sinkholes and cavities have welcomed the rock civilization that has reached its peak in these areas: just visit settlements like Lama d’Antico in Fasano to realize it and make a real journey through time and space.

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The charming Savelletri is a suggestive landing point on the Adriatic Sea, framed by the cliff, about 5 km from the city centre of Fasano. Known for its sea and fantastic beaches, Savelletri is a popular tourist town. Never excessively crowded, its sandy beaches and small cliffs offer both free and private areas, and in spring and summer this corner of Puglia flourishes in all its splendour. Savelletri is ideal for an exclusive relaxing holiday: places to stay are typical farms and old villages, transformed into cosy resorts to offer the highest standards of quality and luxury. Treasure chest of findings is the Archaeological Park of Egnazia and the nearby Golf course, one of the best greens in Puglia with 18 holes.

It continues immersing itself in the silence of the countryside between the olive trees and the sea, where sometimes the masserie, stone palimpsests of the agricultural history of this land emerge, sometimes severe, sometimes sumptuous. Ostuni boasts in its district some of the most beautiful Apulian farms that today are not only finds from the past, but have become companies, combining the organic production of extra virgin olive oil to careful and aware tourism in contact with nature.

The old town of Fasano is characterized by narrow streets, white walls, arches and small squares. The old walls still guard the Tower of Fogge, once one of the accesses to the city.
Not to be missed near Fasano are the archaeological ruins of Egnazia and the zoo, the largest wildlife park in Italy. To be admired is the dolmen of Montalbano, currently intact and probably dated back to the Bronze Age, around 2000-1500 BC. Along Highway 16, next to a farmhouse, you can find the Temple of Seppanibbale, dated back to the 9th century, built with large blocks of local stone, which conserves a remarkable cycle of frescoes from the Lombard period.

  • Egnazia National Archaeological Museum "Giuseppe Andreassi"
  • Egnazia Archaeological Park
  • Montalbano

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The beautiful Monopoli overlooks the Adriatic Sea, starting from the profile of the ancient castle and its walls. Known for its 100 city districts that extend over a flat territory, embraced at a glance by the beautiful viewpoint of Loggia del Pilato, a natural terrace from which you can see a landscape characterized by fortified farms, churches, rock settlements and villas. Symbol of the city is the monumental Castle of Charles V which hosts exhibitions, conferences, now home to the Municipal Archaeological Museum. The fortified farmhouses, well preserved or carefully restored, are located in the heart of the coast, on the low hills and in the flat hinterland. Monopoli is also a fishing village, a city founded on and from the sea, characterized by 15 km of indented coastline with numerous coves and long sandy beaches.

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