The Luxury of Great Produce

Experience the luxury of exceptional produce at our farm. We are dedicated to pure organic farming practices, ensuring that our 350 olive trees provide the finest quality olive oil. Our oil is always first cold-pressed, allowing you to taste the full flavor and richness of the olives.

Borgo Fianco a Fianco

Experience the magic of olive harvest time at our farm! With thousands of olive trees surrounding you, it's a truly unique and unforgettable experience. We practice pure biological farming, ensuring the highest quality produce possible. Our harvest yielded an amazing crop, resulting in a first and cold press olive oil that is simply exquisite. Come and see for yourself what makes our farm's produce so special!

Experience the process of producing the finest, biologically produced extra virgin olive oil. Our olives are harvested during the day and pressed in the evening and night, ensuring the highest quality product. Our green gold is carefully produced from thousands of olive trees, resulting in an exceptional taste that is second to none. Join us and witness the magic of turning olives into liquid gold.

Welcome at Borgo Fianco a Fianco

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