Borgo Fianco a Fianco

"a perfect way to spend a week away with your friends, with your family
great food and service as you want to book, golf courses nearby, massage, yoga teacher... whatever you need we will serve you..."

2023 some summer weeks still open.


Up to 12 people, Terraces, Swimming pool, Sea view, Quiet, Simple luxury

Borgo Fianco a Fianco between relaxation, simple luxury and nature, immersed in the beauty of the most authentic Apulia.

The Luxury of Simplicity: summer vacation italy in Puglia

Welcome at Borgo Fianco a Fianco in charming puglia. The Farmhouse and vacation rental Borgo Fianco a Fianco comprehends several apartments 4 with 6 bedrooms. In addition a central indoor kitchen, an outdoor kitchen with barbecue, a central eating loggia, a dining room. Because the place has nearly 600 sqm, there are many outside seating places and a heated and cooled pool (open cistern). With the closeness to the sea, the Italian Villa rental has a spectacular view towards the coast. Because the vacation rental is ideally positioned in the heart of Puglia to explore the region.

Borgo Rental Puglia - Luxury of simplicity

We have designed a location to spend time with family and friends. You can book the property with 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms exclusively for you and your friends. The borgo rental in puglia is a place for privacy and gatherings. Sometimes we are forgetting how important it is to spend time with friends and family. Therefore it is the most intimate environment, especially for your occasion. العناية بالبشرة والشعر

Book the entire house:

Bedrooms: 6, for up to 12 adults and 3 kids

Bathrooms 5 1/2, plus an additional bathroom within central facility

1 Dining hall

1 central kitchen


1 Seating area under arcades

Several seating areas on roof

Pool and sundecks

Yoga retreat setting

Private parking

Surrounded by 1,5 ha of olives

Charming Puglia

There are many places at the Italian Villa Borgo Fianco a Fianco to hide in the shade of a beautiful olive tree. Most noteworthy the property has about 1,7 ha of olive orchard and as a result, we are making a very delicious olive oil for a few years. A high-end hand made the product, first press and biological, everything close to the most attractiv adriatic vacation spots.تساقط الشعر

Codice Identificativo della Struttura (CIS): BR07400791000007685


Borgo Fianco a Fianco collection:

we have started to add another great location to our Borgo Fianco a Fianco. We are calling collections.

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