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Puglia olive oil and harvesting olives during a family vacation. We are running our italian holiday rental and our biological farm, that means all the products we are offering are produced without chemicals. That is important for the environment as well for the consumer. For many decades the entire region of Puglia was famous for its red soil since nearly everybody used chemicals to get rid of the herbs between the trees. In the meanwhile, you can see especially in the winter month green between the olive trees.



Lush green meadows, fascinating how healthy it looks and we are very proud of the results. The products are more expensive since there is a lot of work which is done by hand: trimming the grass between the trees several time a year, cutting back the trees, harvesting olives… But it is worth it, you will taste it.

A 2018 oil, it is excellent and extremely tasty. Borgo Fianco a Fianco Olive Oil, extra virgin: 250 ml – 9,50 Euro, 500 ml  – 19,00 Euro.




Please order via sending a mail to info@fiancoafianco.eu

The 2017 harvest …long and intense days, but a lot of fun.

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Fianco Olive Oil

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