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Festivals and Music Summer 2019

Buongiorno Ceramica!

A nationwide event celebrating Italy’s unparalleled traditions in the creation of ceramics. In Sicily artists’ studios, craftsmen’s workshops and museums in four of the region’s most renowned centres of ceramics production will be open to the public. And of course there will be some wine and food on offer, too! And that is not far away from your hotel in Puglia, Borgo Fianco a Fianco, the charming place for summer vacations,

Where? Laterza (near Matera) and Grottaglie (between Ceglie Messapica and Taranto)

Time: June

Truffle Food Festival in Corigliano d’Otranto

Lively food stands throng the historical centre of Otranto in celebration of this recent product of the Salento area.

Time: Usually end of May and beginning of June

Where? Corigliano d’Otranto (province of Lecce)

Negroamaro Wine Festival

The heart of the city of Brindisi boasts over 10,000 sqm of exhibition area where the Puglian Negroamaro vine will be tasted and enjoyed against the backdrop of the city’s beautiful monuments, historical buildings and newly-refurbished seafront.

Time: Usually the first/second week of June

Where? Brindisi

La Scamiciata

A historical re-enactment of the victory over the Turks of 2 June 1678, starting from Fasano and proceeding towards the Sanctuary of the Vergine del Pozzo.

Time: June

Where? Fasano

La Notte di San Giovanni

Music and tradition on one of the most magical summer nights in Puglia.

Time: June

Where? Ostuni

San Pietro e Paolo

Every year this festival invites people to visit the beautiful seaside town of Otranto, to taste its delicious local food and get to know the colourful Salento folklore.

Time: June

Where? Otranto (province of Lecce)

Danza delle Tarantole

Processions and dances in honour of archaic divinities.

Time:  June

Where? Galatina (province of Lecce)

Alberobello Light Festival

During the celebration of the 125th anniversary of Van Gogh’s death, Alberobello’s old trulli town centre will be illuminated with hundreds of star images evoking the Dutch artist’s masterpiece Starry Night.

Time:Usually most of July and August

Where? Alberobello, near your vacation rental in Italy.

Locomotive Jazz Festival

Almost two weeks of jazz in the Salento.

Time: July – August

Where? various venues in the Salento, including Lecce.

La Festa di Santa Domenica

The little town of Scorrano near Otranto literally lights up on in celebration of its Patron Saint, Santa Domenica. Local artisans, many of whom make festival illuminations for towns all over Italy, come into their own creating large wooden structures and arches up to 36m high, dotted with a kaleidoscope of colourful lights. Not to be outdone, local fireworks companies put on an amazing show on the last night.

When? July

Time: Scorrano

World Dance Movement

Three weeks of dance workshops, competitions and performances with internationally renowned choreographers from all over the world.

Time: July

Where? Castellana Grotte (just north of Alberobello)

Festival della Valle d’Itria

This classical music festival, now in its 41st year, boasts a prestigious programe with high profile artists. Tickets can be bought online, but be quick as they sell like hot cakes!

Time: July – August

Where? Martina Franca

Otranto Jazz Festival

Every year, Otranto Castle hosts three days of jazz concerts with many famous national and international jazz players. The 2015 edition couples jazz with wine… what could be better?

Time: exact dates not yet confirmed

Where? Otranto (province of Lecce)


Locus Music Festival

Eight concerts make up this festival, offering a very rich calendar of jazz music events with the participation of world-renowned jazz players.

Time: 9th July – 12th August 2017

Where? Locorotondo

La Ghironda

Three weeks of music and culture from all over the world played out in the gorgeous setting.

Time: July

Where? Ostuni


Corteo Storico di Federico II e Torneo dei Rioni

A celebration of the great Holy Roman Emperor Stupor Mundi with 800 costumed participants parading through the old town centre and the castle built by Frederick himself.

Time: dates not yet published

Where? Oria (midway between Taranto and Brindisi)


Alberobello Light Festival

In celebration of the 125th anniversary of Van Gogh’s death, Alberobello’s old trulli town centre will be illuminated with hundreds of star images evoking the Dutch artist’s masterpiece Starry Night.

Time: Usually most of July and August

Where? Alberobello

Locomotive Jazz Festival

10 days of jazz in the Salento. Six concerts will take place all around Puglia, with the last four in Lecce. Recent performers have included John Surman and Paolo Fresu.

Time: July – August

Where? various place in Puglia and then in Lecce at the start of August.

Sagra di Ferragosto

A lovely music festival and several concerts featuring pizzica dancers and musicians: August

Where? San Vito dei Normanni (province of Brindisi)

La Festa Della Madonna di Leuca

Every year, the Madonna of Leuca is carried through the lively streets of the small and picturesque town in a great procession. The parade is followed at midnight by the famous fireworks, a unique event appreciated by many tourists and locals alike.

Santa Maria di Leuca


Sagra Pirotecnica Della Valle d’Itria

As part of the 5-day celebration of Locorotondo’s patron saint, San Rocco, 3 or 4 of Italy’s most renowned firework specialists come together for a competition in pyrotechnics. The townsfolk turn out en masse accompanied by droves of curious tourists. At midnight the action begins and it is certainly worth staying up for!

Usually around the middle of August

Where? Locorotondo

La Notte Della Taranta

A tribute to the Pizzica Pizzica, Salento’s tarantella dance. Lots of concerts, opportunities to get dancing and to soak up a bit of tradition. The start date of the festival is yet to be published, though usually there are over two weeks of concerts.

Your are looking where this is: at the towns of Grecia Salentina south of Lecce, including Melpignano


The town of the great singer-songwriter Domenic Modugno celebrates the bounty of the sea in a festival that fish and seafood lovers should not miss! There are also lots of rowing regattas along the coast.

Time: Usually around the third week of August

At Polignano a Mare

Fiera di Sant’Oronzo

Lecce organises lively music events, food stalls and fireworks in honour of its patron saint.

At Lecce

La Cavalcata di Sant’Oronzo

In celebration of the town’s Patron Saint, Sant’Oronzo. The saint’s statue is paraded around town with an escort of knights on horseback.

In Ostuni


And the Night of Lights Jazz Festival in Lecce


Gastronomy Market in Maglie


Historical Parade of Frederick II in Brindisi


Night of Taranta in Melpignano