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We are offering two properties, two best vacation house rentals. The Borgo Fianco a Fianco and the Rustico 105, which can be rented as entire houses. You will have the ability to be completely by yourself. It allows especially family and friends to spent the spare time together.

But you can as well rent only a unit, a suite at Borgo Fianco a Fianco, which is composed of 6 rental units.

Borgo Fianco  Fianco


Vacation rental Borgo Fianco a Fianco

The family vacation rental, Borgo Fianco a Fianco, the soul of Puglia

The entire Borgo rental unit is a comprehensive property, therefore composed of 6 suites, several central rooms for use, as well a pool. Bari with its airport is only 45 minutes away and in addition the Brindisi airport is even closer to our Italian Villa.Our Azienda Agricola, including the Borgo (Italian Villa) we developed living with nature, living with friends, celebrating the Italian lifestyle, exposed to dolce vita, the culinary arts of the region and the mindful living for a charming summer . Experience the soul of Puglia, the atmosphere of our property, the holiday villas to rent in Italy, which has given its owners over 350 years a home, feel the origin of housing, from the vault to architecture. Feel the stone walls and the whitewashed structures. It is the simple expression of a basic and authentic life. Enjoy the elevated spot with impressive views towards the Adriatic Sea from our Borgo Fianco a Fianco. It’s your choice enjoying yourself in the privacy of your own garden or whether you want to experience the colorful and lively cities and sandy beaches nearby.

You can be by yourself at out Italian Villa. The villa comprehends of several building, 6 bedrooms, 5,5 bathrooms, 3 additional rooms, dining room, kitchen, outdoor dining hall, 3 big roof terraces, 2 outdoor terraces of one which is covered, a huge event and yoga hall and a barbecue and pool area.

Azienda 105

The Azienda 105 is a rustico a rural farmhouse newly renovated. Both vacation homes here in Italy have an incredible sea view from all spots at the property which comprehends several ha.

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Borgo Fianco a Fianco

Azienda 105, the Italian Villa is about 200 m walking distance exposed to the adriatic sea. It provides 3 sleeping rooms, three bathrooms, kitchen and a living room. Check out Facebook