“Even the most miserable life is better than a sheltered existence in an organized society where everything is calculated and perfected.”
Federico Fellini

Where every stay is unique: Fianco a Fianco – two properties, one philosophy.

The properties, farmhouses are close to Fasano and have a beautiful view to the sea, both are in the middle of an olive orchard. You will enjoy the great views,  art and culture, nearby restaurants, sandy beaches, and family-friendly activities. Our places are good for families and groups. One is a detached house, one is composed of an ensemble of buildings with several entrances to provide privacy around a piazza and it provides a central kitchen, eating and dining rooms. The big gardens allows privacy as well.

Above Fasano – direct in the neighborhood of the small coast city Savelletri, between Bari, Brindisi and Martina Franca. We have been always impressed by the read soil, the old and dignity olive trees, the fantastic kitchen, the bright light, the beautiful beaches, the white cities, the friendly people. We have developed our idea and concept of our Azienda Agricola Fianco a Fianco, close to nature, living with friends and creating an Italien live stile, connected with the dolce vita, the culinary arts of the region and the slow living.

Feel the soul of Puglia, the atmosphere of our property which has provided its owners over 350 years the protection and security they needed. It is the simple expression of a basic and happy live. Enjoy the impressive view towards the Adria, the closeness to the coast, but you will not be touched by the business of the tourism: You will be by yourself.

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Special packages: book both houses together, please contact us.

Price Euro/600 Night for a maximum of 18 people

Special packages: Trullo estate with a regional cook (one meal a day and breakfast)

Price starts with Euro, 800, per day including breakfast and one meal for 8 people per day.


Luxury: Trullo estate with cook and driver and hotel like service


Please call us and when will arrange the full service package together and calculate the price.

Late Summer


20% Off 3rd Night

Our Services on request

Fianco a Fianco provides all services you need. But you can scale.


Plunge Pool

Central Wifi service

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If you book in advance we are taking care of your airport shuttle.


If you book in advance we make sure that your breakfast is prepared.


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Host a Family Party

When you host a party or family reunion, the special celebrations let you strengthen bonds with those you hold mos.


If you are interested in organizing another retreat, like a yoga retreat or a art class, a cooking seminar, or even a leadership seminar, if you are coming with your colleagues, we can provide you with trainers, cooks and organize the environment for you.
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